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Our Thing

We’re into color. Namely green.


Around here, it’s all about the environment. That means we’re not about to use harsh chemicals, cleansers, perfumes or products. We go to extraordinary lengths to minimize our impact on the planet, which is something we’re very proud of!

Our ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ motto doesn’t just extend to our products. Our building is an honest-to-goodness historic gem from the 1950s, and the salon was rebuilt using 100% natural plant-based coatings and sealers that contain ultra low to no VOCs, and absolutely zero Red List Chemicals.

On top of that, look around. You won’t find any brand-spanking-new, shiny salon furniture or décor here. It’s all repurposed from other salons and vintage shops original to the era of our building. Do we have some new stuff? Sure. But it’s all geared toward energy efficiency, zero waste, and above all else…earth-friendliness.

  • Zero Waste: Everything we discard is designed to become a resource for future use, including bio plastics and oil-spill hair mats
  • Clean Air Salon: 100% ammonia free and lowest PPD/PTD permanent hair color line
  • Sustainable: We’ve partnered with companies who’s ethical practices align with ours. Our goal is to help influence the beauty industry to move in a more sustainable and environmentally responsible direction.
  • Energy Efficient: We use specially designed Eco Heads shampoo shower heads that double the water pressure and cut water consumption in half. Our light bulbs, blow dryers, and shower heads are all Energy Star Certified.
  • Vegan and Animal Friendly: We use vegan-friendly hair care products that are either PETA Certified or guaranteed to not support any form of animal testing

Get the artist.
Then get the look.

We may be a fun and lively bunch but we take hair very seriously. All of our stylists are required to complete advanced trainings in the fields of Vidal Sassoon Cutting Technique and Organic Colour Systems Hair Color.

Check out our stylists, all of which are all amazing in their own right. And don’t hesitate to call us at 602-296-5010 if you aren’t sure which one is right for you. We’re happy to advise.

‘Trend-setters’Organic Salon Systems, 2015, Incorporating natural grey tones for women
‘Stylists to Watch’Allure Magazine, 2015, Featured

Owner | Mentor | Stylist
Sarah Whitesell

Sarah Whitesell - Marion Dodd - Owner, Mentor, Stylist - Organic Hair Lab - Phoenix, AZ

EDUCATION: Kohler Academy, 2007; Organic Colour Systems, 2012

I started in the beauty industry in 2006 as the Receptionist at my aunt’s salon. On my first day I was totally hooked. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise since as a child I was notorious for cutting and Kool-aiding not only my own hair, but also my siblings, Cabbage Patch dolls and Barbie dolls. That led to beauty school and eventually my first stylist job where I fell in love with being behind the chair—but also got involved with avant-garde magazine shoots, local fashion shows and competed in ‘Hair Wars Las Vegas’ for Bravo TV.

Then it was off to New York where I trained with celebrity stylists and colorists in the worlds of salon, film, fashion and television. This amazing experience refined my eye and taught me how to create personalized style for each and every client.

It was an invaluable two years, but I was born and raised in The Valley of the Sun so naturally I came back to my roots (pun intended).

When I began working at Honeycomb Organic Hair Studio in 2010, organic color and styling truly became my passion. I am now a Mentor for Organic Colour Systems, teaching stylists the science of The System and sharing my love for the company. Organic Hair Lab is the realization of a dream: Owning a salon in the neighborhood I grew up in, a salon I created to be clean, green, organic and earth (and people) friendly, while giving back to local charities and our community.

Marion Dodd - Owner, Educator, Stylist - Organic Hair Lab - Phoenix, AZ

Owner | Educator | Stylist
Marion Dodd

EDUCATION: Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy, Cosmetology Graduate, 2009; Avalon School of Cosmetology, Cosmetology Instructor Training Program, 2011; Sassoon Academy, Post Cosmetology Graduate Program–Haircutting, 2013; Organic Colour Systems, 2017

My motivation is strong and my techniques are up to date due to the passion I have for this high energy, fashion forward industry!

Being a native to the Phoenix area, I chose to study at two of the top-rated schools in the state: I completed the cosmetology program at Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy and the cosmetology instructor program at Avalon School of Cosmetology.

I attended post-cosmetology graduate training at Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California, where I completed the advanced haircutting program. My training at these institutions has given me the ability to fulfill each of my clients individual styling desires, as well as speak to the importance of continued education within this ever-changing industry.

With my attention to detail, thoughtful consideration and understanding of each person, I have cultivated trusted relationships with my clients, peers, and students alike. I feel proud to call myself an expert stylist in all aspects of design.

Beauty Operator
Autumn Markley

Autumn Markley - Beauty Operator - Organic Hair Lab - Phoenix, AZ

EDUCATION: Empire Beauty School (Cosmetology), 2008; Organic Colour Systems, 2010

When I told my mom I had signed up for cosmetology school she said, “I’m not surprised! When you were two years old you sat me on the couch and began to file my nails, stopping only to ask if I was comfortable.” She knew I would love it and she was right.

After completing my 1600-hour education in 2008, I began working behind the chair and attended as many continuing education classes as I could. Constantly on a quest for innovation, I experimented with Organic Colour Systems. This eventually led me to Honeycomb Organic Hair Studio, where I found my people. Before long, I expanded my training to include the art of dreadlock maintenance, installation and extensions.

Three years later, I was honored to be a part of rebuilding Organic Colour Systems’ Mentor Program from the ground up. I traveled the country learning from the world’s best: teams based in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, as well as head educators from North America. There is truly no hair care line like this, it is impeccable and the people involved are family.

I am humbled to now be a part of Organic Hair Lab, and by every client who sits in my chair. The best part of my work is knowing I can show people something beautiful in themselves. That is the real magic of doing hair. The rest is science.

All natural? We’re all about it.

These are the product lines we currently use. They were chosen for their quality, uncompromising results and of course, sustainability.

organic hair coloring
Organic Colour Systems

For over 25 years, this British hair color brand has been using a unique patented formula that’s 100% free of Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens, SLS/ Sodium Chloride, Gluten, and GMOs. It is formulated with the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the least possible amount of chemicals.


organic dreadlock products

These organic dreadlock products are all natural and vegan. They’re formulated to detox, hydrate, tighten, strengthen and nourish your dreads and your scalp. We also love them because they’re 100% water-soluble so there’s no residue or product buildup.


Wash and styling products

Helping re-think everything about hair when the old rules no longer apply.


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